Enhance Solaris performance in minutes!

No Extra Requirement
Select among thousands of GMT built-in Solaris monitoring metrics and start monitoring Solaris in minutes.
Speed up Solaris
Analyze CPU, memory and storage utilization of Linux, and proactively manage overall performance before end-users get affected.
Don't Waste Time
Don't get lost in SNMP MIB's and enjoy GMT turn-key solution for monitoring Solaris.
Boost Uptime
Find bottlenecks on systems and ensure the smooth functioning of all system components.
Customization and Development Support
Get complimentary customization and development support for mission-critical operating systems. Let us customize GMT for you!
Hardware Monitor
Real-time monitor processors, memory, disk health, fibre channel HBA, mpio and all other hardware components real-time.
Web Monitor
Start logging and tracking virtual hosts, availability of sites, services and errors.
Multipath Monitor
Monitor MPIO devices, number of active and passive paths, fibre HBA devices.
Syslog Monitor
Monitor critical application and system events, available updates and many more!
Service Manager
Monitor and start, stop, restart your system services on GMT! Service automaticion is available also!
Manage your Solaris environment with just an SMS! Start and stop services, reboot your machine, create your own management scripts and much more!
Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
Analyze cpu, memory, disk utilization in realtime
Service Monitor
Service Monitor
Monitor service availability
Web Monitor
Web Monitor
Monitor web availability, latency, response time etc
Manager Pack
Manager Pack
Start and stop services, power operations on Linux
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