Monitor and Manage IT Infrastructure with GMT Solutions

No Extra Requirement
Select and easily apply built-in Unix & Linux management metrics you need and start monitoring Unix & Linux in minutes
Speed up Unix & Linux
Don't get lost in SNMP MIB's and enjoy GMT turn-key solution for managing Unix & Linux.
Don't Waste Time
Don't lose in SNMP MIB's. GMT offers turn key solution to manage your Unix & Linux.
Boost Uptime
Find bottlenecks on and ensure the smooth functioning of overall system and critical system components.
Customization and Development Support
Get complimentary customization and development support for mission-critical Unix & Linux. Let us customize GMT for you!
Performance Monitor
Monitor status of cpu, memory, disks, network, mpio, system services, processes and much moreEasily monitor status of cpu, memory, disks, network, mpio, system services, processes and much more.
User & Group Management
Create, modify, delete users and groups, and manage user rights, authorization and security policies.
Disk Management
Implement new partitions, file systems, manage LVM environment and check disk health. It is also so quick and easy to monitor disk performance
File Manager
Secure web file manager! Create, modify, delete files and folders, modify permissions and ownership, upload and download files and folders through GMT File Manager.
Security Manager
Manage your local security policies, user and group rights, permissions and much more.
NTP Manager
Install and manage time services, make your date and time in syncs.
MPIO Manager
Manage multipath devices, configuration and service. Monitor number of active paths instorage environment.
Kernel Manager
Update, install and manage kernel modules, configuration.
Sharing Services
Share and mount directories between servers over NFS, CIFS, FTP.
Package Management
Manage package repositories, install, update and uninstall packages automatically.
Cluster Management
Install and manage HA clusters, create cluster services, and manage them through GMT.
Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
Analyze cpu, memory, disk and all components
Network Monitor
OS Monitor
Watch real-time events and alert monitoring
File Manager
File Manager
Manage your files and directories
Deploy configurations, policies and packages between servers
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