System Integration Services

Software Development
Directly address to any your business needs and to any of system development project.
Let our professional team find out current and future business needs, analyze IT capabilities and vulnerabilities, advise on road-map and deliver a high-level implementation.
Develop and customize applications on .net , java, php, c, c++ platforms.
Server Platform
Let us install, upgrade, and provide migration and troubleshoot services for your Windows and Unix-Linux based servers.
Microsoft SQL Server
Enjoy our expertise on SQL Server database administration, performance tuning and database problem-solving. Combined with an understanding of your business goals and effective project management, GMT delivers full-ranging and holistic SQL Server solutions.
Oracle Database
Together explore your requirements and develop tailor-made and efficient solution. Have access to remote and on-site DBA support to keep your databases running smoothly and trouble-free.
Oracle MySQL
Rely on our premium consulting capability for development, deployment and management of most challenging and demanding MySQL operations. Tap into the full-range of high-quality development, deployment and management services.
E-Mail Services
Pick the right e-mail service with the best support and the most features at an optimum cost through with Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra E-Mail solutions.
Storage & Backup Services
Keep your data safe with system backup, database backup, disaster recovery, data recovery, system restore and data storage solutions.
Penetration Testing
Let our security experts highlight system vulnerabilities and risks just at a reasonable cost.
Unix & Linux
Move to Linux and Unix-based operating systems to assure highly reliable systems and clusters. GMT is excelled in troubleshooting!
Depending on your needs, GMT can offer BPO, managed services outsourcing or simply hire trained and skilled staff.
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