Enhance Windows performance in minutes!

No Extra Requirement
Select among thousands of GMT built-in Windows monitoring metrics and start monitoring Windows in minutes.
Gear up Windows
Analyze CPU, memory and storage utilization of Windows, and proactively manage overall performance before end-users get affected.
Don't Waste Time
Don't get lost in SNMP MIB's and enjoy GMT turn-key solution for monitoring operating system.
Boost Uptime
Find bottlenecks on systems and ensure the smooth functioning of systems.
Customization and Development Support
Get complimentary customization and development support for mission-critical Windows you need. Let us customize GMT for you!
3000+ Performance Counter!
Windows Performance Counters: start tracking 3000+ counter now!
Hardware Monitor
Monitor processors, memory, disk health, fibre channel HBA, mpio and all other hardware components real-time.
IIS Monitor
Start monitoring application pools, availability of sites, services and errors.
Exchange Monitor
Monitor Exchange services including transport, database, DAG and all other conditions.
Monitor FTP performance, errors on transfers, availability and latency.
Directory Services
Check the health of your Active Directory, diagnostic tests, users, authentications, expired accounts and much more.
Discover if virtual machines are up and running, catch sight of performance and configuration details real-time.
Event Monitor
Monitor critical application and system events, available updates and much more!
SQL Server Monitor
Keep track of tables, brokers, errors, replica, resource pools and much more.
Service Manager
Monitor and start, stop, restart your system services on GMT! Service automation/scheduling is also available!
Manage Windows environment just with an SMS! Start and stop services, reboot your machine, create your own management scripts and much more via sms!
Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor
Analyze cpu, memory, disk utilization in realtime
IIS Monitor
IIS Monitor
Ensure the availability/reliability of application pools & sites
Active Directory Monitor
Active Directory Monitor
Check and diagnose Active Directory
Exchange Monitor
Exchange Monitor
Easily have Access to all performance metrics on Exchange services
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